Kathy takes great care of our 1.5 year old son. She has the children eating well and doing crafts and outdoor activities as much as possible. It is easy to trust our child wth Kathy because she has an honest heart and wants the best for our little guy! ~Brad Kennedy

My daughter attended Kathy's dayhome a few years ago. I was so impressed with all the activities Kathy and Amanda did with the kids, everything from cooking and crafts to field trips and lots of time spent outdoors. Kathy wrote in a journal everyday about what they did that day, she puts so much extra thought into caring for her dayhome kids, she treats them like her own. We still keep in touch many years later, she still texts me old photos of my daughter and asks about her. I feel fortunate that we had Kathy watch our daughter, she was very well loved and cared for. Melissa Stranaghan 

Kathy has provided care for our daughter for the last 3.5 years and we cannot say enough good things about the wonderful experience this has been for her. It is obvious to us that Kathy really and truly cares about our daughter’s well-being. Each day features healthy food options, time spent outdoors and other activities (imaginative crafts, etc.) meant to nurture our daughter’s sense of creativity. Equally impressive is the job that Kathy does in creating a supportive sense of common purpose among a diverse group of children ranging in ages from 1 to 5. To this end, the friendships that our daughter has formed at Kathy’s dayhome are genuine and long-lasting. Most important of all, of course, is the relationship that our daughter has formed with Kathy and this is one characterized by mutual affection, admiration and respect. Finally, and as parents, we’ve very much appreciated Kathy’s open door policy and the effort that she invests in keeping us up to date with dayhome activities. This gives us good confidence that our daughter’s days are filled with fun and opportunities to grow and develop. ~ Heather Flynn

Kathy took care of my children when they were very young. She showed them so much love!! Always talking to them, playing with them, taking them on adventures. Even though they are adults now, they still love her to death and they are all friends.  
Ive known Kathy since she was six months old, and the most honest thing I can say about her::: she has always loved children and is one of the kindest people that I have ever met.~ Dawn Taylor

I can't say enough good things about this dayhome. Kathy and Amanda are the best of the best, hands down. The amount of care and love they put into everything is outstanding, from healthy, varied, delicious homemade meals all the time, to all of the activities they are always doing with the kids! Daily adventures outside, daily/weekly crafts, dress-up, classic toys, play-based learning (they teach them so much!!), learning to care for and be around animals, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, themed activities and teachings, swimming, exciting field trips to expose the kids to so many different things...the list goes on way too long to list everything! And these things happen daily, not once in a while! I love the way Kathy teaches the kids to be good, respectful people. She always treats them with respect and expects the same from them. She sets her expectations high for the way the children act, and they meet the expectations. Kathy and Amanda do everything they do with so much love for the littles. This dayhome comes highly recommended! ES

"Kathy provided care for our son and over the course of a year they developed a special bond that remains years later. Thank you, Kathy, for your excellent care and continued friendship" ~ R & C Sweet 

"Kathy is a kind, open minded, caring and child centered individual, I have had the pleasure of knowing her for the last 2 years and in this time she has taken care of my Son on numerous occasions. I adore how she helps him explore who he is through play. Learning and expanding his mind at the same time. I have recently welcomed another baby boy into my world and Kathy has eagerly accepted him as family. She shows the same sensitivity to my 4 year old and 4 month old." ~ Bridget McLean

"We met Kathy and her family 5 years ago. She cared for my son, Kevin from ages of 2-5. He still wants to see "Kaffy" and talks about her regularly, She did so many things with Kevin and the kids in her dayhome, They went everywhere and there was always photos about his day. I loved that she was so organized and the kids were always happy. There was always laughter and play. Kevin started kindergarden and the teacher was impressed with all his experience in his short life, it was Kathy who shared the world with Kevin. Thank you for all you do for children and the extreme love you gave to Kevin". ~Leslie Smith

 We love and appreciate you soooo much, you are doing amazing work in help our family and others to raise our kids. It takes a village, and we are so fortunate, blessed and grateful that you are a part of that in our boy Tyson's life:) Karen Osburn

 I loved it when my kids were with you. Knew they were safe, loved and having a blast! D. Taylor

I have ever met has shown such unconditional love for children that are are not her own quite like you! B McLean

First- you are wonderful and were an angel sent from heaven when I was in such desperation. And I always knew that my children were the luckiest in town to be spending the day with you and your kids!  Natalie Olsen

You are SOOOOO amazing, Kathy, and I'm sure I can speak for the other 2 sets of parents that we are so fortunate to have you. To say that you are wonderful with our kids is an understatement. We are so thankful to have found you, and are glad that you are the one to help us in raising the love our lives-our awesome little man:) K.Osburn